We've come from a place that is marked by tremendous faith and incredible community. That faith and community started for us fifteen years ago at The City Church in Kirkland, Washington. Pastors Ryan and Dana worked with Founding Pastors Wendell and Gini Smith who taught them how to work hard and believe big. In 2010, Pastor Wendell passed away and Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith became the lead pastors. While serving alongside them, Pastors Ryan and Dana were shown how to rely on Jesus like never before and keep Him the center in everything that they do.

Pastors Ryan and Dana have had the honor of being the children’s pastors at The City Church and have watched God do amazing things. Jesus said, "let the children come to me" and they took Him literally. Therefore, a TV show was developed for kids and over 1,400 children a week experienced the love of Jesus.

When Jesus began speaking to Pastors Ryan and Dana about Austin and Expression Church, they shared their hearts with Pastors Judah and Chelsea.  Austin soon became a part of Pastors Judah and Chelsea's heart too. After that point, Pastors Ryan and Dana began to take steps to launch Expression Church in the Spring of 2013.

Expression Church is an autonomous local church with relationship and support from The City Church in Kirkland, Washington. It will always be tied to the place it has so much history from.