At Expression Church we want to equip and empower you to grow in your personal journey with Jesus, grow in your leadership, and grow in your day to day life. There are two avenues of growth that we offer.


Growth Track

Find out who God has truly made you to be and all He's called you to do.


Attending our Growth Track is the best way to get involved at Expression Church and to take the next step of Growth into all that God has for you!

During these 4 weekly meetings you'll hear about who we are as a church, and you'll be given opportunity to take steps of growth to discover who God has created you to be and what He has called you to do to impact our City. 


Builder's Track

Our Builder's Tracks are about taking every aspect of our lives and building it upon Christ.


These are the Builder's Tracks that we are offering in October starting on the 2nd at 2pm. These tracks are sign up only so please fill out the form below with your info and what Track you'd like to take! All Tracks run simultaneously so only one can be taken at a time. 

  • Raising Amazing Kids(4weeks)
  • School of Generosity: Earn More Give More Save More(4weeks)
  • Essential Christian Doctrine (8weeks)