Classes change every 4 to 6 weeks and will cover various topics like leadership, personal identity, financial peace, and more. You can jump in anytime to a class but we suggest attending the same class every week until it finishes.

Time & Location
Our classes begin at 9:30am and are located in the portable building between the church office and main building.

Childcare opens at 9:15am and is available for ages birth to 5th grade. Childcare check in is inside the main building foyer.


  • Romans - July 21st - Sept 22nd
    The meaning of life and what to do with it.

  • Conflict Resolution - Aug 18th - Sept. 22nd

    Do you feel challenged when it comes time to resolve conflicts between you and your loved ones, neighbors or co-workers? If so, this is the class that will not only equip you but will also give you the confidence to face the challenges we all face every day.  Let’s learn to resolve conflict in a biblical and godly way!

  • Baptism Class - Sept. 22nd & 29th


Not sure where to start? Join us at Connect! Connect is about us connecting with you and you connecting with all God is doing at Expression Church. This 4 week series is your one stop shop for finding out more about who we are, getting involved in leadership, and taking the next step in your journey of faith.

Ready to call Expression Church home? Connect is for you!

Connect is located in the church offices at 9:30am